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Improving user experience and digital visability *Improving user experience and digital visability *Improving user experience and digital visability *


Small Business Package

Welcome to the small business package. This package is ideal for businesses looking to have the designer handle a majority of the design, copywriting, and set up of your new website. The benefit of this package is that the designer will create and save time for the client.

The Deluxe Package

The deluxe package is ideal for businesses looking to have more input into the creation of their website. You will have the opportunity to chose from two different versions of the website and work with the designer to create the visual style of the overall website.


The designer will send the client a questionaire to fill out. This is to ensure that both the client and designer are on the same page. After the designer reviews the questionaire, a contract and invoice will be sent.
Structure and Overall Mood
Next, the designer will create an outline of the website and two moodboards for the client to choose from. If the client already has a brand, then the sole focus will be on the content organization. With client feedback, the outline and moodboard will be adjusted and solidified for the next step. 
Each client is different, and depending if there is a previous site or not, hosting and website software can be different depending on the need. The designer will build the site and create a copy document that contains any and all website writing. Once complete, the client will look over the copy and the finished site to ensure that it fits their needs. The designer offers 2 rounds of feedback to ensure that the client's vision is being met.


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